How to Contour in 3 Easy Steps

Let’s get real about contouring. We’ve talked about how to contour before. It’s a technique that’s been around forever and isn’t going away anytime soon. That doesn’t mean it has to be scary or time-consuming.

Master the Cut Crease Eye Makeup in Just Three Steps

There are innumerable videos on the Internet that teach you how to do the cut crease eye make-up look. Like the name suggests, this technique defines the crease by cutting it with a contrasting eyeshadow colour.

How to Properly Exfoliate Your Skin

From loading up on antioxidants to investing in laser skin resurfacing, there are tons of ways to get the smooth, glowing, healthy skin we all want. Exfoliation lies among the best ways to improve your skin’s texture and tone, and it’s something all of us can do right at home.

How to Do the Secret French-Girl Trick for Bigger Lips

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure—nay, honor—of not only meeting makeup legend Charlotte Tilbury, but having her—armed with a lip liner and a few nude lipstick shades—transform my lips with a few flicks of the wrist.